Monday, March 30, 2009

Double Take Doors

Three more doors from the colorful collage of our Buenos Aires neighborhood.  The long-promised album of beautiful doorways is coming soon, really.


Anonymous said...

In America, and here in Providence, RI, where I am, street "artists" tend to mark just a signature, their tag, but you seem to be finding much more painterly images, rather than simple tags. Any ideas on whether there really is a difference and if so, why that is?

Graham Edward Newhall said...

There is certainly a large amount of street "art" that is just a tag or some sort of scrawl, but a lot of the work is more certainly more complex. It is also everywhere and does not seem to ever get painted over, so perhaps there is just a greater appreciation for street art in Buenos Aires than in Providence.

Thanks for the comment and I will be posting up more soon.